10Inches and counting here at Kirkwood! Cold air is pouring in.

2 pm Friday 11/6/15
The snow is holding up well because of the cold temperatures. Snow making has been around the clock until today. There is another system headed our way for Sunday and Monday. Snow levels will start out at about 7000 feet and drop rapidly to 4500. figure 5-10 inches on the crest and 3-4 around Lake Tahoe.

Noon 11/2/15
After 12 hours of rain, the cold air finally arrived and it has been snowing since about 5:30 am. As of right now, we have received about 10 inches and it is snowing hard, with no wind. It is beautiful outside. There is plenty of moisture left over and the cold air will suck it out and drop plenty more through tonight. Snow showers should stick around on tuesday and then taper off. There is a slight chance of increasing snow on Wednesday as a slider type system moves in and picks up the available moisture. But that may stay mainly north of Reno.

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