Big snow on the way!


Update 9 am 12/10/15

Heavy wet snow is falling here at Kirkwood. We have 2-3 inches on the ground so far, and this is just what the Doctor ordered to help build our base. We still expect to snowfall totals by Friday morning of 2-3 feet. There will be a break Friday afternoon and Saturday before another, colder, system moves in on Sunday. That one is still forecast to drop another 2-3 feet of the lighter and dryer variety. We have a break on Monday and Tuesday before another system on Wednesday or Thursday. This looks to be an inside slider type which would bring another round of cold temps and less snowfall than these last 2 storms.

Monday 12/7/15 11 am

When the clouds clear at the end of next weekend, we could have as much as 5 feet of new snow, maybe even 6. A lot depends on the first system on Thursday and how quickly snow levels drop. There is plenty of moisture headed our way along with cold air, so I am not too concerned about how much we will get, but the snow WILL be measured in feet. We are along way from seeing the effects of El Nino but the pieces are starting to fall into place. The Southern Oscillation index is tanking to levels not seen since the El Nino of 97-98. That is a giant piece in the puzzle.

So, Wednesday night light showers will move into the basin and snow levels will start out between 8-9000 feet. By Thursday morning, the precipitation rates will increase dramatically and will force the snow levels down to 7-7500 feet before the cold arrives and drop the levels to 5500 feet by Friday morning. Expect at least a couple of Feet from this first one. Possibly up to 3 feet. There will be a break in between systems, but there is a chance of a system on Saturday but more than likely a bigger one for Sunday. We could get another couple of feet out of that one. The things quiet down for a few days before more snow the middle of next week. There are perfect storms for build our base as Thursday’s will wet and heavy.

As a side note, check out this link to Former NWS lead forcaster Jan Null concerning the Misconceptions of El Nino:
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