Cold temps, New Snow=Great Conditions!

Tuesday 10 am 12/15/15

We received a total of about 3 feet of new snow from the last 2 storms. Conditions are the best they have been in years. Kirkwood is expecting to go 100% tomorrow, Wednesday. The setup for the week is cold conditions thru thursday and then a slight warming trend into the weekend. Potentially there is a system for Sat but model confidence is low at this point as to whether it will split and take the energy south. We should still see a small amount of snow to keep conditions fresh regardless. If it doesn’t split, then we could end up with a foot or so. Monday afternoon will bring a stronger, colder system to the region, which could lead to significant snowfall. Then looking toward Christmas, there is a strong North-West flow set up to reinforce the cold air and potentially hook up a lot of moisture and give us a good old fashion Christmas storm.20151214_101859_002

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