Fresh Snow, Cold temperatures = Midwinter conditions!

All areas of the he Sierra crest ended up with close to the same amount after both rounds of snow on Friday and Saturday Nights. While a few Resorts are going hog wild with their totals, others are keeping it real. All in all, it was a good storm with weekend totals of 20-25 inches at the highest elevations. While resorts with high base elevations did extremely well. Flurries off and on all day today, with maybe another 1-3 inches by tonight. Cold morning lows Tuesday give way to a nice warming trend going into the weekend. Next storm in sight around the 11th. Keep her and keep them coming! The Rahlves Banzai Tour is in Kirkwood this weekend sending it off the top of “All The Way” for “The Wall Banzai”. It’s going to be epic! Book your rooms now.


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