Half of the resorts in Tahoe will be open by this weekend.


Update: 1 pm Friday 11/13/15

Currently thinking that the Sierra crest (Kirkwood) will receive well over a foot this Sunday. Maybe even 18 inches after its said and done.

Noon 11/11/15

Well this last storm set us up nicely allowing half of the Resorts in Tahoe to open this week. Kirkwood will open Saturday with 3 lifts accessing beginner to Expert terrain. Yes that’s right! Chair 6 will be open with skiing from Monte Wolf’s to Sentinel!! Chair’s 1 and 5 will also spin, providing Beginner thru intermediate terrain. We will have the most terrain open and the most vertical, with all levels of skiing or boarding. We have a another storm coming in late Saturday which should drop another 4-6 inches, and possibly another one around Wednesday. Long term outlook is very bright! There is a possible larger system looming for the following weekend! Stay tuned.

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