Lots of snow on the way!

Tuesday 12/9/14  10:15am


We have the biggest storm to hit the Bay Area in 5 years on its way to the Sierra. We fully expect 2-3 feet min. depending on temperatures, to fall on The Sierra Thursday and Friday. While most of the moisture heads tour north, there will be plenty left behind as this Atmospheric River sags south over Tahoe. Computer models have been in agreement on this for a week now. There is one factor which hasn’t been taken into account and that is the extremely warm water along the coast which could enhance the precipitation in the Mountains. Ever heard of lake effect? Let me just say this, if we get the 2 plus feet of snow, Kirkwood could go 100% by next week. We are that close. The top of the mountain is primed and ready to go. The base from the previous storms is astounding! KEEP IN MIND THAT TRAVEL ACROSS THE SIERRA PASSES WILL BE IMPACTED BY HIGH WINDS AND BLOWING SNOW LATE THURSDAY INTO FRIDAY. Stay safe and stay tuned!

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