Upcoming Weather Conditions & A Look At Winter

It’s California’s Flood preparation week. The National Weather Service will be posting informational slides every day this week to inform people how to be safe in case of flooding. This might not seem important due to our drought weather, but that’s never stopped mother nature from throwing a curve ball that brings on the rain.

The next week looks like the Temperatures will be staying in the range of low 40s to mid 60’s. There will be a small chance to precipitation tonight & friday night into the weekend, but its small enough that it could possibly be blown north. The rest of the week is looking a bit windy & setting up the slow chill to winter.

November looks to be an average month temperature & precipitation wise. Things could change, but there seems to be reluctance to say more than that.

Winter is getting closer as we speak and the reports for winter weather and snowfall is looking to be an average winter(sounds great to me). There is potential El Nino going on but will probably not have the biggest impact on the mid california conditions.

If your interested in a more detailed & informative outlook the NWSReno put out a good 2 part video focused on this region & explains how things are setting up. Video below

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